Identifying ResourcesUsing Call Numbers

Most items in the collection are arranged by subject. Each item is assigned a unique call number that indicates where the item is located. Items about the same subject have similar call numbers. Therefore, they are grouped together on the shelf. This makes it easier for users to browse items on a particular topic.

Location Prefixes

Some call numbers are preceded by a location prefix. A location prefix means that the item belongs to a specific collection, is shelved in a special place, and may have circulation restrictions.  For example, in the call number, Ref AG243 .G87 1992 , the Ref prefix indicates that the item is shelved in the Reference Collection. Items in the Reference Collection do not circulate.

Library of Congress LogoLibrary of Congress (LC) Call Numbers

Xavier's library uses Library of Congress (LC) call numbers. LC call numbers always begin with a letter of the alphabet that identifies the main class or subject of the item. LC main classes and their corresponding letters in the alphabet are listed below:

A: General Works
B: Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion
C: Auxiliary Sciences of History
D: History - General & Old World
E: History - American & North American
F: History - U.S. & South American
G: Geography, Anthropology, & Recreation
H: Social Sciences
J: Political Science
K: Law
L: Education
M: Music
N: Fine Arts
P: Language & Literature
Q: Sciences
R: Medicine
S: Agriculture
T: Technology
U: Military Science
V: Naval Science
Z: History of Books, Library Science, & Bibliography