Identifying ResourcesFinding Articles in Journals, Magazines and Newspapers

Finding Articles in Search @ XU

Most of the time you can get articles right away in your Search @ XU  results.  At the library's home page click the Search @ XU tab and begin searching. 

Finding Articles in Search @ XU

At your search results check the Material TypeAcademic Journals  or Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals (more restrictive). Your results will update automatically displaying only journal articles.

Limiting Search @ XU to Articles

Embedded Full-Text

Below each reference you may see one or more links to embedded full-text: PDF, HTML, or Linked
full text
.  If one doesn't work, try any others that are available. About half of the library's full text can be found this way.

Article with Embedded Full Text

Article with HTML Full Text

Article with Linked Full Text

Find It @ XU (Linked Out Full Text)

If there are no embedded full-text links, then click the Find It @ XU icon or the text-only equivalent, Check Xavier Library for full text. The other half of the library's full text can be found using Find It @ XU.

Find It @ XU: Article with Linked Out Full Text

Clicking the Find It @ XU will open a new window.  Any links to the full text will appear under the blue bar. You may see more than one. If one doesn't work try any others that are available. 

Find It @ XU Window: Linked Out to Full Text in the EJC

It may take several clicks to get to the full text.

Multiple Clicks to Linked Out Full Text

You may need to carefully scan pages for the PDF icon.

Linked Out PDF in the EJC (Electronic Journal Center)