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Journals @ XU

If you have a article that did not come from a database search, click the Journals @ XU tab on the library's homepage. Type the title of the journal.

Journal Title Search

You are taken to Journals @ XU and your search results will display. All of the databases that have your journal will be listed with the years covered. Click the database that covers the year your article was published.  There may be more than one. If one doesn't work try any others that cover the publication year of your article.

Journals @ XU Search Results

Locating Your Article

Now you are taken to the database and the available  years  will display. Click the year, month, and issue your article was published.

You are taken to all of the articles in that issue. Click the full text link for the article you want. When you have choice of HTML and PDF full text, always choose the PDF.

Find Your Article

No Results in Journals @ XU

If the journal you need is not available electronically, you will be told your search returned no results. Click Request Articles/ILLiad and submit your request. The article will be posted electronically in your ILLiad account.

Journal @ XU No Results

When Your Article is Microform Format

If you determine the journal is available in the annex or in microfilm/microfiche, request it through ILLiad/Interlibrary Loan and  article will be posted electronically in your ILLiad account.

Journal in Microform

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