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University Library User Experience Advisory Group

University Library's User Experience (UX) Advisory Group serves as a formal channel of communication between library users and library staff. The UX Group explores issues, not limited to, library services, collections, exhibits, programs, and communications. These issues may refer to the physical and the virtual library footprint. Throughout the academic year, the UX Group can propose specific recommendations to improve the Xavier library experience. The UX Group will provide student members with the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and staff and build proposals that may lead to a better library experience and an improvement for the entire Xavier community. Previous year groups and achievements.
2019-20 User Experience Advisory Group
2020-21 UX Group: James Green - Facilitator, Alyssa Stigler - Social Media & Marketing Intern, Grace Dempsey - Undergraduate Student Rep, Lara Dorger - Faculty Rep (Classics & Modern Languages), and Destyn Jones - Graduate Student Rep


For more information about the UX Group to include membership, please contact the UX Group Facilitator.

James Green, MSLS, MA

Head of User Experience and Assessment