Like many academic libraries, Xavier's library does not purchase textbooks. This is a general policy, but there are exceptions.


Faculty may place a textbook on traditional reserves.  In addition, some textbooks are added to the collection through donations and other means. You can check to see if we have a textbook in the XPLORE Library Catalog.

Borrowing Textbooks from OhioLINK

You can also borrow some textbooks from one of the 89 colleges and universities in the State of Ohio.  Use the OhioLINK Catalog to search for textbooks.  These books may take 3-5 business days to arrive at Xavier. You will be notified of their arrival in your Xavier email account. Provided no one else wants the textbook, you may keep it for 21 days with 6 renewals at 21 days each.

Renting Textbooks

Xavier students can now rent textbooks from the Xavier Bookstore at approximately 50% off the regular price.  Shop the Bookstore Online and then click Textbooks & Course Materials. You will need to select the term and enter information about the course.

Electronic Textbooks

For electronic textbooks, the XU Bookstore uses CaféScribe. These books are frequently less expensive (about 50%). There are many features that enhance reading the book in print format, such as searching, note taking and sharing with friends. You can use the digital book on 3 different computers (home, school, work, etc.). Go to CaféScribe and then click Sign In to create an account.

Borrowing Textbooks Through Interlibrary Loan

Set up an ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan; instructions) account to request a textbook that Xavier, OhioLINK or the XU Bookstore does not have in print or electronic formats. These textbooks may may take 2-3 weeks to arrive at Xavier. You will be notified of their arrival in your Xavier email account. Typically the owning institutions will not permit the interlibrary loan of textbooks published in the current year and frequently they do not permit renewals.