University Library

Requesting New Journals and Periodicals

Review Process

Because of the ongoing cost commitment for journal subscriptions, all journal requests are carefully reviewed. Factors that influence the approval of a journal subscription include:

  • the extent to which the journal supports the curriculum
  • whether it is indexed in sources available at Xavier University Library
  • whether there are similar titles in the collection
  • the cost of the journal

New journal titles are ordered once a year in July. Subscriptions begin the following calendar year.

Department Allocations

The library determines the allocation of budgeted monies that each academic department may use for new journal subscriptions.

Order Deadline

The deadline for requesting new journals is June 1st of each year.

Submitting Requests

Use our New Journal Request Form. All requests must be approved by the faculty liaison or department chair. Send completed purchase request forms and sample issues (if available) to:

  • Kathleen Flanagan, Electronic & Continuing Resources Specialist, 203 McDonald Building, (513) 745-1943,


Requesters will be notified of new journal request decisions after the journal review process is completed.