University Library

Requesting New Materials

Selection Resources

The library has a subscription to Choice book review cards, a service that focuses on books for academic libraries. These cards are forwarded to the appropriate departments each month for review by the faculty. Choice cards may be submitted without request forms if they are initialed by the requester and faculty liaison.

Order Deadline

The deadline for submitting faculty orders is the end of March. This is to allow ample time to receive and pay for the materials before the end of the fiscal year. After the deadline is past, the remaining departmental funds revert to the general library fund and are spent on materials selected by the librarians.

Submitting Requests

Turnaround Time

It takes an average of 3 months from the time an order is received until the material is cataloged and ready for use. It is important to allow sufficient lead time so that materials are on the shelves and ready for student use in time for library-related assignments. Questions about the status of an order should be directed to Katy Tucker, Acquisitions Librarian, 203 McDonald, (513) 745-4804,