Patron Use Guidelines

University Archives and Special Collections are unique collections of Xavier University library. Their fragile and irreplaceable condition requires careful monitoring and handling. Every effort is made to protect and preserve these collections. The following guidelines are set to this end.

Access to University Archives and Special Collections

Access to University Archives and Special Collections stacks is restricted to library staff designated by the Library Director.

Access to using University Archives and Special Collections is by appointment only. Patrons are required to complete a Patron Registration Form prior to using the collections. In addition, positive identification may be kept (e.g. driver's license) while patrons use the materials.

Reference Assistance

University Archives and Special Collections is happy to provide reference assistance to all users, with onsite patrons receiving first priority. UASC Staff are also able to provide reference assistance by mail, telephone, and email but please understand that due to staffing constraints, we are not able to provide in–depth research services. Questions are addressed in the order in which they are received, and response time will vary. In all reference requests, please include your name and complete contact information, as well as your specific question and any sources you may have already used.

Circulation and Loans

University Archives and Special Collections materials do not circulate. If you are interested in archival material for external exhibitions, contact Anne Ryckbost, Use of archival material is subject to the University Library Exhibition Policy.


The handling of University Archives and Special Collections materials are subject to the guidelines below.

  • University Archives and Special Collections (UASC) materials must be used in the Research Room and do not circulate.
  • Use of these materials will be under the direct monitoring of the designated UASC staff member.
  • When using these materials the following applies:
    • No food or drink (including water bottles, gum, etc.) are permitted.
    • Backpacks, handbags and computer cases as well as coats and hats are not allowed in the viewing area. All personal effects are subject to inspection prior to and following patrons viewing materials.
    • Patrons should use pencils and loose paper only while working with materials.
    • Post-it notes and bookmarks are not allowed; only acid-free slips provided by UASC should be used.
    • Materials may not be leaned on, written on, folded, traced, or handled in any way likely to damage them.
    • In most cases, researchers may handle collection materials with clean, bare hands. Patrons may be required to wear gloves while viewing certain materials (e.g. photographs).
    • Bound volumes should be supported by a book cradle unless otherwise instructed.
    • The exact order of unbound material in folders and boxes must be preserved. Materials should be returned to the folders and boxes they were removed from in the order they were found. UASC staff will provide out cards so that researchers can mark where folders have been removed.
    • Researchers are permitted to request up to 3 boxes at a time. Only one box may be on the research table at one time and only one folder may be viewed at a time. All materials should be viewed flat on the table.

• Researchers are permitted to use a digital camera or other image/video capture devices, without flash, for research purposes at no additional charge. UASC reserves the right to deny permission to photograph or copy items as appropriate. Note: Permission to capture images for research purposes does not constitute permission to distribute or publish these images.

• Photocopying/scanning of materials will be done only at the discretion of the UASC staff member. Fragile materials will not be reproduced. Patrons are liable for any copyright infringement where applicable. All photocopying/scanning is to be done by a UASC staff member.

• Access to unprocessed collections or unprocessed portions of partially processed collections will be at the discretion of University Archives and Special Collections.

• The library reserves the right to deny access to these materials or to modify these guidelines as needed due to the condition of materials or to the availability of staff.


University Archives Photographs

See these copyright guidelines for using University Archives photographs.

Materials in Digital Collections

Materials in digital collections can be used without filling out the registration form, but users must adhere to the following copyright statement.

The collections in EXHIBIT or on other digital platforms may be used by individuals for personal use, research, teaching, or any fair use as defined in Section 107 of the U. S. Copyright Law. Contact the copyright holder (authors) for permission to distribute or copy documents for purposes that do not qualify as fair use. Xavier University can claim only physical ownership of these collections. The user is responsible for satisfying any claims of the copyright holder. Some uses may infringe upon the rights of copyright holders unknown to Xavier University. Xavier University Library is eager to hear from any copyright holders who are not properly identified. Direct any notices of infringement to Anne Ryckbost at

The University Library endeavors to make works publicly available in unredacted form, including items that contain incorporated third-party copyrighted materials, such as illustrations, graphics, questionnaires, quotations, etc,using the principle of fair use in copyright law to maintain the integrity of these works. We always encourage authors to seek permission to include any third-party copyrighted content, and request that authors provide full attribution for all third-party copyrighted materials used in their works. If you are an author/rights holder and you feel that your copyright or any other intellectual property right has been infringed or violated in any way, please send notice to Anne Ryckbost ( or 513 745-4821).