University Archives Collection Policy


University Archives collects materials that reflect all aspects of university life. Both official and unofficial documentation is important for collection. Materials may come from the activities of Xavier administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni. Materials may relate to academic or campus life. Documentation of campus events, activities and cultural climate are valuable.

The documentation of Xavier University by non-Xavier sources is also worthwhile. Materials donated to University Archives from non-University sources require a Deed of Gift or a will that transfers unrestricted ownership rights to University archives. Xavier University's relationship to the local and national community should be reflected in its archival holdings.

Administrative Documentation

University Archives collects documents that reflect governance, policies and program implementation by its administrative officers. Examples include the Board of Trustees, President, Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, College Deans, Academic Department Chairpersons and other program heads within their administrative entities. Committee minutes for all committees are of interest. Given the dynamic nature of committee assignments, committee minutes are actively acquired by direct solicitation.

Faculty Documentation

Materials relating to teaching at Xavier are collected. Included are course syllabi, lecture notes of senior faculty, etc. Faculty meeting minutes, departmental meeting minutes, etc. are also collected. Biographical information on faculty, especially senior faculty, is especially valued. Published faculty research and unpublished faculty research notes are collected. Personal papers of faculty members may be added after careful consideration as to their overall appropriateness to the collection. Materials are gathered by direct solicitation with the active cooperation of departmental chairpersons.

Student Life Documentation

Materials that reflect student experiences at Xavier are collected, such as student senate minutes, campus event programs, advertisements and photos.

Alumni Documentation

Materials that reflect either the historical Xavier experience of alumni or the ongoing alumni Xavier-related experience or activity are archived. Materials are gathered as alumni donations or through direct solicitation.

Ongoing Xavier Publications

Various campus entities produce published works on a regular basis. Examples include the student newspaper, Xavier Newswire, and marketing and public relations' Xavier Magazine. Ongoing Xavier publications are catalogued and represented in XPLORE, the library's online catalog.

University Sponsored Events

Documentation of all university sponsored events is sought. Documentation of major events may include audiovisual documentation as well as photographs. Materials are gathered through direct solicitation with the cooperation of the sponsoring agency.

Photographs and Audiovisual Materials

Photographs and audiovisual materials are actively sought for University Archives. Donors should supply as much identification of subjects as possible.

Three-Dimensional Objects

Three-dimensional objects that relate to Xavier's history are welcomed provided that they do not consume an inordinate amount of space and can be cared for properly. Adequate documentation must be available prior to accepting any three-dimensional object into the University Archive's collection.