Land, Farming and Community

Did you ever consider how your meal was produced? Do you know where it was grown, who planted it or how far it travelled? Today, opportunities in sustainability, horticulture and organic food production are among the fastest growing segments of the agriculture and farming industry. Xavier's unique blend of ethics, professional connections and practical experience makes you a perfect pick to meet the demands of this vital and exciting field of study.


of students are employed, attending grad school or working in service or volunteer positions within six months of graduation.


Learning outside the classroom

You'll complete seven semesters of off-campus practicum, where you'll experience agriculture, farm to table practices, community gardening and more. Make connections and get a summer jobs or internships working with local nonprofits and regional farms. Spend a semester studying in Sweden with sustainability experts.

students outside

Small class sizes allow you to ask the right questions, make valuable connections and get the attention you need to succeed and learn. On top of that, our Career Development mentoring program will connect you with a Cincinnati-based professional in your field.

Cincinnati's Green Initiatives

Cincinnati is home to innovative cooperatives and projects and people who partner with students in our program. You'll gain real-world working with sustainability directors from places like Procter and Gamble, city-level organizations like the EPA, political coalitions and cause-focused groups.

Welcome to the Family

Four Years That Will Change Your Life.

After Graduation

With a LAND degree, you're one step closer to becoming a(n)

  • Agricultural engineer
  • Botanist
  • Crop consultant
  • Business consultant
  • Irrigation specialist

Cincinnati More Fortune 500 companies per capita than
Los Angeles, New York or Chicago
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