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Frequently Asked Questions About Working From Home

We encourage everyone to contact the Help Desk for technical issues by creating a ticket. Please be sure to include your contact number so we can get back to you. Below is a list of questions that have been asked during the "Work From Home" information Sessions offered starting on March 17, 2020.

Question: What does "VPN" stand for?

Answer: Virtual Private Network. Xavier's GlobalProtect VPN allows you to have a secure connection to access certain Xavier services.

Question: How can I forward my phone?

Answer: Press the "forward all calls" (CFwdALL) button on your phone then type in your home/cell phone. If you need to set this up from off campus, please submit a ticket.

Question: Conference Now calls work from my office work but not with my cell phone from home. Why?

Answer: Conference Now functions the same on or off-campus. The meeting number and PIN used on campus are the same meeting number and PIN code used remotely. The difference lies in the number you must dial to access the service. On campus, you dialed x3100 to access Conference Now. At home, you would dial 513-745-3100.

Question: Do you need to request a new pin for every conference call you want to hold?

Answer: One pin is all you need (unless you forget it, in which case you will need to request a new one).

Question: DUO forces me to perform authentication too often.

Answer: VPN access must be reconnected via DUO once per day. Other DUO-enabled services require reconnection at other intervals. For now, we feel this strikes a reasonable balance between accessibility and cybersecurity.

Question: I am an adjunct who has used Zoom at other institutions. Do I have to use my Xavier Zoom account?

Answer: You will need to create a Zoom account within the Xavier pool in order to work with Canvas and save recordings for students. Also, we can only provide support for Xavier Zoom accounts.

Question: Should I send a notice for a Zoom meeting for students through Canvas?

Answer: Yes. Once you have set up your Xavier Zoom account, you can send invites to your class through Canvas. The advantage to this method: you will not need to type each student individually into an invitation.

Question: I do not want students to have access to my cell phone number.

Answer: Calls from your cell phone cannot be masked as your office phone number. You will need to request help from IT to set up a soft phone for you, and then you can place calls using Jabber.

Question: Will my calls be forwarded to my cell phone 24/7?

Answer: Calls forwarded from your desk phone will ring 24/7. If you would like to limit the hours you can receive forwarded calls, please submit a ticket and we will set up something called Single Number Reach. This service rings calls at both your desk phone and another phone, and can limit the hours during which calls are received.


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