Division of Information Technologies

Computer and Internet Access for Remote Learning

Access to a computer

Students can access most recommended tools, including Office365, Zoom or Canvas from a smartphone, tablet or any device that has access to the Internet. If a computer is still required for assignments and you do not have one available to you, reach out to one of the offices below. They can make arrangements for you to check out a laptop for the rest of the semester. If a laptop is available, we will ship one to you. Please give us your shipping address and phone number. Save the box, so you can return it to us at the end of the semester. Instructions for returning the laptop will be in the box. To avoid a $1400 charge, you must return the laptop with a post mark no later than June 1, 2020 or return it in person.

Access to the Internet

If the internet is not available at your home, any public WIFI can securely access Outlook, Zoom or Canvas Also, check with your local internet provider, many are offering 60-day free internet right now due to COVID-19. Here are two announcements:

We also have a broader look at provider offerings.


You can create your own hot spot using your cell phone plan. In your phone settings you may be able to activate a personal hotspot if it is included in your plan. Note that you may want to switch to an unlimited data plan if you do this. Instructions for activating a personal hotspot:

Accessibility Issues

If remote learning raises accessibility concerns for you, please contact Disability Services for further assistance.


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