Current Initiatives

iPad Initiative

A pilot iPad program is underway with faculty and staff to explore ways in which Xavier can leverage the global-mobile movement in support of teaching, learning, and business productivity.

Degree Audit System

Information Technologies is proud to announce the launch of a new degree audit system called DegreeWorks.

Student Customer Relationship Management

Xavier has partnered with Technolutions (Slate) to bring a powerful new admissions and student recruitment system to the University.

Online Learning

Instructional designers, technical support, and student support services are collaborating with academic affairs to develop a more robust support system for the new virtual student. 

WorldCat Search

The Library has acquired a powerful, new search interface that can be used to search for resources across Xplore, OhioLink, multiple journal databases, and full-text resources available on the Internet.


For project information please contact:

Tim Bucher, Assistant Director for Projects and Planning