The ASPC track is oriented to human growth and is thus appropriate for all seekers, but it is also specifically helpful to those preparing for professional practice in varieties of pastoral care including chaplaincy, education, campus ministry, youth ministry and varieties of social ministries.

The track explores the richness of Christian spirituality as a way of life oriented to the intellectual, affective, humane and relational qualities of human existence that make life meaningful and worthwhile. It prepares students to engage pastoral work in pluralistic contexts, since their social and pastoral ministries require cultural sensitivities, practical skills and a capacity to connect across religious traditions, with openness and respect.

Through the track, students:

• Gain knowledge about the tradition of Christian spirituality as a resource for theological imagination, personal and communal identity, and personal development.

• Gain an understanding of spiritual practices that promote personal growth, health and well-being, and share those spiritual practices with others in ways that are sensitive to and respect our pluralistic cultural context.

• Gain the skills necessary to engage pastoral practice with clarity about how spiritual growth and spiritual practice enhances their effectiveness and their longevity as pastoral caregivers.