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Intensive English Students

In order to apply as an Intensive English student, please submit the following documents:

  1. Application: Submit an online application or download a pdf version.
  2. Evidence of Secondary School Completion: Submit a copy of your high school, secondary school, or university record/certificate. If not in English, please provide a translated copy. To have the ability to benefit from instruction in the IEP, students should have completed at least secondary school. Official transcripts are not required for admission to the intensive English program, but Xavier strongly recommends a credential evaluation for international transcripts who will later enroll at Xavier for a degree program. You may submit a copy of your transcript via e-mail to

In addition, in order to expedite your immigration paperwork, we recommend you provide the following documents along with your application materials:

  1. Copy of Passport: Copy of the pages of your passport where your picture and information is shown. You may submit a copy of your passport via e-mail to
  2. Official Bank Statement: The official bank statement must be original (no faxed, e-mailed or scanned copies accepted) and show the Financial Requirements minus any scholarships you may have received. Please mail the original document to the following address:

    Xavier University
    Office of Admission
    3800 Victory Parkway
    Cincinnati, OH 45207-5131 USA

  3. Financial Sponsor Statement Form: The Financial Sponsor Statement Form must be completely filled out and signed (for each sponsor if there is more than one) if the financial documents are not under the student's name. You may scan and submit this form via e-mail to

  4. Dependents: If you will be bringing your spouse and child(children) from abroad, you must verify that you have enough funding to cover for their living expenses while they accompany you. Please see the Financial Requirements form to calculate what their costs would be. In addition, please also provide copies of their passports and evidence of their family tie to you (marriage certificate or birth certificates). You may mail them to the address below in or email them to

  5. SEVIS Record Transfer Form: (International Transfer Students Only): Student must complete the top part of the SEVIS Record Transfer Form and the bottom part of the form must be completed by the current International Student Advisor at the college/university. You may scan and submit this form via e-mail to Students transferring in must provide transcripts (grades) from current school.

Xavier requires the use of eShipGlobal for express mail of international documents. Click on the link for more information.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at +1 (513) 745-3301, or via e-mail, at