Different Foods Different Faiths

Different Foods Different Faiths is a collaborative program brought to the Xavier Community by Auxilliary Services, Xavier Dining Services and the Office for Interfaith Community Engagement. Each semester a couple of local restaurants that serve foods from different countries and backgrounds will come and show our Xavier chefs how to prepare a dish, giving our Xavier community the opportunity to try something new and also to learn about how people from other cultures prepare food.

Oriental Wok

The Oriental Wok is a family restaurant started by Mike and Helen Wong in November of 1977. The Oriental Wok specializes in Chinese cuisine. On January 26 th, 2012 Xavier Dining Services had the opportunity to work with the restaurant to learn how to make authentic Chinese dishes to serve to the Xavier Community. It was a truly delicious meal, the students and faculty enjoyed themselves,  and it was an enriching and unique dining experience for all who were in attendance.


"Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture."
~Mark Kurlansky

      Week of January 23, 2012