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  • Read and understand the Vehicle Use and Driver Responsibilities Policy and the Van Driver Policy before driving a university-insured vehicle.  Drivers must be at least 21 years and complete the driver authorization process. See Vehicle Use and Driver Information for the online form to submit driver license.
  • Remember to perform a physical inspection of a leased or rental vehicle before accepting the keys. And repeat the process when you return the vehicle so that you are not held responsible for damage you didn't cause.
  • WAIVER FORMS REVISED EFFECTIVE 7/1/2017 !!   A system of waiver and release forms prepared in collaboration with University legal counsel are available on the Risk Management & Insurance website in a self-serve format, see the Waivers link. These forms are the only releases approved by Xavier University. 
  • To report a theft or damage to University property, file a report with Campus Police within 24 hours of discovery and notify the Risk Management & Insurance office.
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Allison Loomis
Risk Management & Insurance Programs

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  • Phone: 513-745-2090
  • Emailloomisa@xavier.edu
  • Fax: 513-745-2092
  • Building: Flynn Hall
  • ML: 7211