Census dates to remember

Official Data

Consists of snapshots of University information. Two main snapshots have been established: census day and end-of-term day. Census day for fall and spring terms is the second Thursday following the last day to drop/add for full-term classes. For the summer term, census day is the second Thursday of August. Official census data is used to report to the U.S. Department of Education as well as to Accrediting Agencies, such as the Higher Learning Commission, AACSB, TEAC, and others. The end-of-term snapshot is taken 5 weeks after the official end of term date.

Operational Data

Consists of daily snapshots of university information. Although the content of this information will be consistent from user to user on the same day, it will be updated at approximately 6:00 a.m. every morning, reflecting Banner system's always changing transaction environment. Thus, replicating the same counts or totals on separate days will most likely not be possible. The content of this data will be available on Xavier University Analytics as well as Reporting Services. When business practice dictates, operational data can be pulled live from the Banner system, although this is done on rare occasions.