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Xavier University has partnered with NameCoach as our official provider of name pronunciation services. NameCoach is an online service that allows users to record their name via phone or computer, enter their official name, and also provide written pronunciation instructions.

All current students and employees are encouraged to record their names, for use in the campus directories, class listings, Canvas, and the commencement ceremony. An audio directory will help to pronounce one another's names correctly - a small but meaningful way that students, faculty and staff can embody to one another Xavier's value of cura personalis, or "care for the whole person."

Names can be recorded within any Canvas course, through the directory, or through Road to Xavier (for incoming students). Recording done in any one of these places will populate a Xavier-wide audio roster that can be accessed in other Xavier courses and the directories. Note that the instructions on this page are for recording and listening to recorded names in Canvas only. Use the link below this paragraph for information on recording names outside of Canvas.

For further instructions or to request help, visit


Students and faculty can record their roster name by following these instructions in a Canvas course:

  1. Click on the "Record Roster Name" link in the Canvas course navigation menu.

    Record Roster Name
  2. Select either the Phone or Web Recorder option. When selecting the phone option, enter your phone number in the space provided and click the "Submit and Call Me" button. That will generate a call to the number that you entered where you can record your name over the phone. When selecting the web recorder option, you will then see a Record button that you will click to begin recording your name over your computer microphone. Note that the name recordings can be a maximum of 10 seconds long.

    Select either the Phone or Web Recorder option

  3. After recording your name using the web recorder option, you can play back your name by clicking on the purple play button. Click the "Record Again" button next to the play button if you would like re-record your name. Once you are happy with your recording, simply click the "Submit and Finish" button at the bottom of the screen to save your recorded name. If you used the phone recorder option, you will accept your recording or re-record using the prompts in the call.

    Record Again


Faculty and students can also review the audio roster by following these instructions in a Canvas course:

  1. Click on the "Audio Roster" link in the Canvas course navigation menu.

    Audio Roster
  2. To listen to a recorded name, simply click on the purple play button to the right of a member's name.

  3. You can also search for a member, re-arrange the number of entries that are shown on the page, sort the names differently, or view any unrecorded names in the course by using the menu options at the top

    Audio Roster


Although we do not recommend hiding the NameCoach course navigation links in Canvas, you can hide those links if you do not plan on using NameCoach in your current course. Here are instructions for hiding the "Record Roster Name" and "Audio Roster" course navigation links in a Canvas course:

  1. In your Canvas course navigation menu, click the "Settings" link

    Navigation links
  2. Click the "Navigation" tab in the middle of the screen

    Navigation Links
  3. Click on the gear/setting wheel to the right of the "Record Roster Name" navigation link, then click "Disable" to hide the link. Do the same process for the "Audio Roster" navigation link.

    Navigation links
  4. Click on the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save your course navigation menu settings. The NameCoach links will then be hidden in your Canvas course navigation menu for that course. Repeat these steps for any other Canvas courses that you would like to hide the NameCoach links in.

    Save Button