Human Resources

Weather and Other Emergency Conditions Protocols

Photo of Xavier during the winter

Listed below are the basic categories of University response to serious inclement weather and/or emergency conditions. Announcements on local TV and radio stations will indicate which category applies:


On such days, classes before the defined time are cancelled and University offices will not open until a specific time. Employees are not required to report to work prior to the announced start time and will not be required to make up the missed time. Emergency essential personnel should still report as scheduled.


Classes will not be held and University offices will be closed. University employees are not expected to report to work unless specifically contacted by their supervisor to report for emergency operations. It is expected that the use of this category will be rare.


In the event the University closes or delays classes due to inclement weather, all employees will be notified by email via the XU Alert Me emergency communications system. Employees also may receive voice and text messages via XU Alert Me if they have updated their registration to include those methods. Updates also will be posted on the University's website at