Annual Performance Reviews for Xavier Staff

The timeframe for this year?s annual performance reviews for Xavier Staff is April 1st through May 10th. Each division leader will determine and communicate the specific time period for completing reviews within his or her area. Completed performance reviews will be submitted directly to the divisional leaders (or designee) who will then forward them to the Office of Human Resources.

A new series of live webinars, ?Annual Performance Reviews that Xcel,? will be offered by the Office of Human Resources during March to assist Xavier staff during the performance review process. Tips on providing feedback and in preparing for your annual reviews ? for yourself and your direct reports, will be included. Additional educational materials on performance management, the NEW performance review form, tips on feedback, plus much more is available at your fingertips by visiting the performance management website.

As previously announced, the review form and rating scale have been completely modified for this review cycle as part of Xavier?s 3-year performance management redesign plan, and focused training and education continues to be made available to support supervisors and employees in preparing for and completing their reviews. In case you were not able to attend a live webinar on the NEW performance review form, a recorded version will be available for viewing March 12th on the performance management website.

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