• Why were employees not included in the job comparison study? (market study)?

    All employees participated in establishing the classification/compensation structure by completing a position description for their job. These position descriptions were used to evaluate and place all Xavier jobs into the new market structure.

  • When will new pay grades be determined, and how will they be announced?

    New pay grades have been established and shared as part of the Open Forum materials. Employees will receive this information in their 2013-2014 annual salary letter sent out from their division leader.

  • How do salary ranges for the position grades get updated over time?

    The market structure is reviewed on an annual basis. Recent trends have yielded little to no movement in market structures primarily as a result of economic conditions.

  • If we do this new compensation/titling program, how will it be funded? It is unlikely that there is going to be room in the budget for much flexibility.

    Each year, the UPRC analyzes information to determine if funding for structural increases can be awarded. In cases where funding is available, recommendations are requested through Human Resources to continue moving individuals further along in their appropriate salary range. This process is forecasted to continue.
  • It has been two years since the initial job descriptions were developed. Explain the process of looking at a position now?and make changes in alignment with this rollout.

    A process has been established to re-evaluate positions and is included in the XU Pay Guidelines that is available on the classification/compensation website launched July 1, 2013.

  • This process does not necessarily equate to an increase in compensation?Yes? No?

    As a result of developing the new classification/compensation structure for all staff positions at Xavier, it was identified that approximately 14% of our employee workforce fell below the minimum salary of their respective pay grade. The University made a commitment to allocate funds to employees below the new minimums and bring them into the market structure. Bring to minimum increases go into effect July 1, 2013.

  • How will employees be rewarded moving forward?

    Employees will continue to be assessed on their overall performance for merit opportunities.
  • Will this provide a better opportunity to advance pay grades in current position?

    Information about the new structure can be found on the new classification/compensation website. Employees will be able to see where jobs fall within the new structure to know if a position is a lateral, promotion or demotion.
  • How will my job change because of this?

    An employee?s job will not change as a result of the implementation of the classification/compensation structure. The structure was developed to support recruitment and retention of talent and to provide more transparency of where jobs fall in the structure.
  • Were non-academic jobs included?

    Yes. All staff positions at Xavier, hourly (non-exempt) and salaried (exempt) are included in the new classification/compensation structure.