• How will people be compensated for taking on more work and greater responsibility?

    More work does not necessarily result in additional compensation. For hourly employees, overtime may be provided. Should an employee?s position duties change substantially, meaning a permanent change to content of the job (>30%) as compared to last evaluated description, or a change in managerial responsibilities occur, employees and managers may submit for a job re-evaluation.
  • What is the point of all this if we only can increase our pay 1 or 2% each year?if at all?

    Ensuring a compensation structure is a best practice. This enables fair and equitable compensation, ensures the university does not underpay or overpay based upon the market for jobs. The structure is also designed to foster career progression and support recruitment and retention of talent.
  • How will this impact my compensation/increases in the future?

    Compensation increases depend upon a variety of things, e.g., what your annual performance is year to year, what positions you might take in the future (lateral moves, promotions, etc.), whether you may receive a structural adjustment. Compensation and career pathing discussions should occur with your supervisor.