• How can I move up if the incumbent in a higher position is in place?

    Recognizing that career movement is based upon many factors, such as individual skills, experiences, and behaviors, as well as where openings may occur, it is recommended that employees speak directly with their supervisor about career planning.
  • Will the new structure enable career pathing?

    The new classification/compensation is designed to be transparent so that employees may see what positions are lateral moves, meaning in the same pay grade, as well as what positions are above and below their grade.
  • How is it going to affect my likelihood to advance to a higher position?

    The new classification/compensation cannot determine your advancement potential. This is very individualized.
  • Will advancement require applying for open positions?

    Applying for open positions is one mechanism to advance. However, reorganization within departments due to attrition and changes in the marketplace may provide opportunities for advancement.
  • What is my incentive to stay if I cannot get promoted?

    Each of us has different reason for working and staying with a particular employer. Xavier focuses on a total compensation philosophy where compensation is one element of the model. Other important elements offered at Xavier include benefits, mission/affiliation, work content, work environment, etc.s increase.