• What if someone before I had this job wrote the job description and it has changed or wasn?t written well?

    Managers have been trained as part of the implementation of the new classification/compensation structure. As with any organization, jobs will change. Should the employee and manager agree that the position should be re-evaluated; a process has been outlined by the Office of Human Resources and will be available on the classification/compensation website.

  • What is the process if managers or employees disagree with classification?

    An employee should start with his/her manager for discussion. In instances where both employee and manager disagree with a classification, it should be discussed with the divisional leader. If the divisional leader concurs that a review is necessary, Human Resources will review according to the new process outlined under Requesting a Re-evaluation on the classification/compensation website.

  • When there is not a path to promotion, what does this matter?

    Recruitment and retention of a talented workforce is important for Xavier. While there may be some instances of no known promotional path, ensuring a fair and equitable compensation structure is important for the University.

  • How do I request a job audit to change my classification?

    Xavier uses the term re-evaluation. A process has been developed as part of the new XU Pay Guidelines and can be found under Requesting a Re-evaluation on the classification/compensation website.