Life Insurance

Summary of Benefits - CIGNA Term Life & ADD

Group Accident

Summary of Benefits - Humana

Specialty insurance adds comfort by helping survivors of severe accidents adjust to new living circumstances. An off-the-job covered accident is a sudden, unforeseeable, external event resulting directly and independently of all other causes. Coverage is available to Xavier employees –or you may also cover family members. 

Critical Illness & Cancer

Summary of Benefits - Humana

Covered Health Screenings

Critical Illness Health Screening Benefit Form


Long Term Care

John Hancock Company 

You have insured homes, health, cars--even your lives. Likewise, you have carefully planned savings and investments.

Even best-laid plans could be nullified if you or your spouse need long-term care. 

Incorporate long-term care insurance into your financial plan today, and you’ll take an important step toward helping protect your future.  

Xavier University has chosen John Hancock as its long-term care insurance provider; the discounted program is administered locally through Professional Planning Associates (PPA).  

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