Open Enrollment from November 6 through November 20, please click here to select your benefits.  To log in use your banner Id as your employee id and use your social security number as your pin with no dashes.  Please click here for sample Banner ID cards with the Banner ID Number.


For 2018, Xavier will continue to offer two medical plan options:

  • High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with no plan design changes for 2018
  • National Point of Service (NPOS)
    • No medical plan design changes for 2018
    • The current three-tier prescription benefit on this plan will be moving to a new four-tier benefit.  The fourth tier will include specialty pharmacy medications that have a higher cost than lower tier medications.  Making this change allows Xavier to control health care costs without negatively impacting the quality of care.  This change could cause your medication to fall under a different tier in 2018.  To see the drug list for both plans, please click here for the NPOS 2018 Drug List and click here for the HDHP Drug List.  If your drug is moving to a higher tier, please be aware that lower cost alternatives are usually available.  Talk to your doctor about what is best for you.  Please attend an Open Enrollment Session to learn more.

Medical premiums continue to reflect a wellness rate for those who voluntarily participated in the health risk assessment and biometric screening in September of 2017 and a standard rate for those that did not participate.  For rates, please click here.

Due to medical costs increasing, the spousal surcharge will be increasing this year. On your open enrollment site, please confirm whether or not your spouse is eligible for coverage through his or her employer.  If your spouse is eligible for coverage through their employer and is on Xavier’s health plan, you will pay a $70 per month spousal surcharge.


Health Savings Account Information

If you enroll in the High Deductible Health Plan, you continue to be able to contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA).  The maximum contribution for 2018 has increased to $3,450 for single coverage and $6,900 for employee + spouse and family coverage.  You can elect the contribution amount via the online enrollment portal.  If you are enrolling in an HSA for the first time, you will need to follow these instructions to create an account with 53rd.  For more information on Health Savings Account (HSA), please click here to watch the video.

Flexible Spending Account Information

The Flexible Spending Account continues to be offered to employees as a way to save money pre-tax for eligible healthcare expenses.  The Flexible Spending Account maximum will increase to $2,600 annually for 2018.  The Dependent Care Account maximum remains at $5,000 annually.



Xavier will continue to partner with Dental Care plus to offer two dental plans for 2018 with no plan changes from 2017.  For plan summaries and rates for both plans, please click here.


Xavier will continue to partner with Humana to offer a vision plan for 2018 with no plan changes from 2017.  For plan summaries and rates for both plans, please click here.

Additional Prescription Information

Humana makes changes annually to the drug formulary for both medical plans offered by Xavier.  If the formulary changes affect you or your covered members, you will receive notification from Humana in November.  Diabetic formulary changes will be communicated in October.  If you have questions, please contact Humana directly at the phone number on the back of your Medical card.

Critical Illness and Accident

Critical Illness and Accident coverage will be administered by CIGNA beginning on 1/1/2018.  If you have a current Critical Illness or Accident policy of less than $30,000 through Humana, you will need to make a new election through CIGNA on the online enrollment portal.  The Humana benefit is ending and is not portable.  A new election is required if you want this coverage.

Voluntary Life Insurance Information

Xavier continues to work with CIGNA to offer Voluntary Life Insurance to our employees.  For 2018, Voluntary Life Insurance will be offered at guaranteed issue up to $200,000 for employees and up to $30,000 for spouses.  Premium rates are based on age and election amounts will appear when selecting your open enrollment benefits via the online portal.