Human Resources

Classification/Compensation Redesign Steering Committee

The Office of Human Resources is pleased to announce the selection of the following members who will serve on the Classification/Compensation Redesign Steering Committee during fiscal year 2010-2011:

Audrey Calloway - Printing Services, Member
Niké Cline-Bailey - Office of Human Resources, Project Manager
David Davis - Physical Plant, Member
Pati Haney - College of Education, Member
Kathy Henry - Recreational Sports, Member
Tom Merrill - Music Department, Member
Mary Alyce Orahood - Registrar’s Office, Co-chair
Kathy Riga - Office of Human Resources, Co-chair
Donna Salak - Office of Admissions, Member
Shawn Schuler - Budget Office, Member
Daun Seitz - Williams College of Business, Member
Joe Shadle - Mission and Identity, Member
Suzanne Wright - Athletics, Member

Over the next few months, the Steering Committee will be charged with the following:

• To modernize the classification/compensation structure for employees
• Create a program that models best practices
• Recommend any policy or guidelines as appropriate
• Create a communication strategy
• Seek input from campus constituents

For additional information or questions, please contact Niké Cline-Bailey at extension 3698 or