All three honors programs offer participation in a unique fraternity of highly-motivated students and top-notch professors. The programs are challenging but the rewards great, and the amenities are designed to augment and support the stepped-up expectations. These include:

The Honors Lounge

A restricted-access suite of rooms on the fifth floor of the Conaton Learning Commons provides Honors students a place for quiet study, educational programs and social gatherings. Many Honors seminars are taught in the distinctive tower seminar room within the Honors Lounge.

Summer Study Abroad

Available for all honors students. A five-week course in either Rome or London offers students six credit hours of course work while experiencing the art and culture of a foreign city. Students in the Philosophy, Politics and the Public honors program receive a grant toward a junior year summer studies program in London, Rome or Washington, D.C.

Honors Residences

Reserved residence hall wings are available as an option for honors students. Honors students make a mutual commitment to serious academic study and agree to extended quiet times in these wings. They can also serve as resident assistants (RAs) and assist in programming special activities targeted toward honors students. These activities emphasize faculty involvement and offer opportunities to serve others in an academic capacity.

To live in the honors wings, honors students need to indicate their preference on the room reservation form, which is sent after admission is granted to Xavier.

Honors Council

These students are elected by their peers to advise the directors of the honors programs. The council also plans social and educational events for honors students including poetry readings, film festivals, conferences, dances, cookouts, dinners and prayer services, many of which are held at the Honors House.

Priority Registration

Honors students are advised by the directors of the honors program in which they are enrolled. In addition, they are given priority in selecting and scheduling their courses.