Department of History

Dr. M. Christine Anderson, PhD

Associate Professor, History Department

Community-engaged scholarship and public history are the centerpiece of my teaching and research. As an American historian, I have focused much of my work on women’s and African-American history in Cincinnati; I have developed introductory and advanced courses public history, as well African-American and women’s history. Many of my courses also count for the Gender and Diversity Studies major and minor.

Public history is defined as making the methods and concepts of academic history available to the general public in museums, libraries, and civic organizations. At its best, public history empowers citizens to learn about and share stories that matter to them. It is also integral to my commitment to active learning and encouraging students to connect historical understanding to contemporary issues and institutions.

I have integrated public history and community-engaged learning recently in several projects. For example, students in several classes as well as two Community-Engaged Fellows funded by the Eigel Center for Community-Engaged Scholarship in 2018 and 2019 conducted research that resulted in the award of an Ohio Historic marker to the Cincinnati Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs. Students in African-American Struggle for Equality helped to create an exhibit on a political meeting of Black citizens held in Cincinnati in 1858 for the nationally-recognized Colored Conventions digital humanities project.

With Dr. Karim Tiro, I co-direct Xavier’s Public History Program, which has hosted five AmeriCorps Local History Service Corps members. Our AmeriCorps members have been mentors and role models for Public History students. AmeriCorps members have been active collaborators on projects related to King Records, a local recording company foundational to the creation of rock-n-roll, including “Traveling Suitcase” traveling exhibits, a database and web site on over 2000 recordings by women artists at King, and oral histories that will form the core of a King Records digital archive hosted by the Xavier Archives.

In 2007 I was a Fulbright Roving Scholar in American Studies in Norway. I was the trip leader for Xavier’s urban academic service learning semester in Over-the-Rhine, and I have published in Humanity and Society, the Journal of Women's History, American Catholic Studies, and Equity and Excellence in Education.