Safe Ride Taxi Card Program

Do you need safe reliable transportation to and from campus? 

Purchase a Safe Ride Taxi Card from Towne Taxi!

The Safe Ride Taxi Card program is a prevention and harm-reduction tool. 

Every Xavier student should have a Safe Ride Taxi Card in his or her purse or wallet.  Towne Taxi has agreed to partner with Xavier and provide all transportation for the Taxi Card program.  Mother's Against Drunk Driving has endorsed Towne Taxi as a reliable and safe source for transportation. 

Students that receive a Taxi Card will register with Towne Taxi and provide their name and banner id number. Towne Taxi will keep this information on file along with your assigned Taxi Card id number.  If you loose your Taxi Card or it is stolen, you will still be able to use the card balance by providing your name and Banner id to Towne taxi.  The Taxi Cards are reloadable and you can add money any time.

Call Towne Taxi to purchase or add additional money to your card (513) 761-7700.