Physical Wellness

Physical wellness involves the care for and the knowledge of our body toward the realization of optimal health, comfort and strength for the fulfillment of personal mission. It is achieved in part through understanding of the body and the forces and factors that affect it, and through the pleasurable exercise and cultivation of its functions. The highest expressions of physical wellness are found not only in examples of athletic excellence, but also in our care for our physical safety and health for the sake of those who depend on us.

  • Club Sports
    • Services: The club sports program is designed to serve the competitive, recreational and/or instructional interests of Xavier University students, faculty and staff in sports and recreational activities. The clubs are meant to be a learning experience for the members through involvement in the organization and administration of club activities, as well as the development of athletic skills. Clubs may vary in focus and programming, since the members are active participants in the leadership and decision-making process of club activities. Participation is open to all Xavier students holding a current undergraduate photo I.D. card and all enrolled part-time undergraduate and graduate students. Xavier faculty and staff are encouraged to participate. The clubs include boxing, crew, fencing, lacrosse, martial arts, rugby, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, baseball, gymnastics, water polo, yoga and volleyball.
  • Office of Campus Police
    • Contact: Ext. 1000 from any on-campus phone; 513 745-1000 from off campus or any on- campus emergency telephone.513-745-2000 for non-emergencies
    • Hours: The staff of professional officers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
    • Services:
      • Criminal investigations: All crimes, including sexual assaults, that occur on campus should be reported directly to the campus police immediately. Campus police will prepare an offense report on the incident and dispatch the appropriate number of officers to the scene. If the matter warrants or requires further police intervention, the Cincinnati and/or Norwood police departments will be notified and summoned to the scene to assist with the investigation.
      • Drug and alcohol prevention: The issue of drug and alcohol abuse concerns the entire University community as well as our surrounding neighborhoods. The federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 require schools, colleges and universities receiving federal financial assistance to implement and enforce drug and alcohol prevention programs for students and employees.
      • Crime prevention: Through the office of crime prevention, campus police officers provide educational programs to students and employees on personal safety, sexual assault/acquaintance rape prevention, drug and alcohol abuse prevention and related topics. Campus police welcomes the chance to talk with any campus group. Candid dialogue between Xavier campus police and the public has created greater confidence in the community to report unlawful activities. Potential illegal actions and on-campus emergencies can be confidentially reported by anystudent, faculty or staff member. Complaints received by campus police that fall outside their jurisdiction will be referred to the appropriate agency, or the complainant will be provided a phone number where the complaint can be filed. Likewise, other agencies refer complaints to campus security when appropriate.
      • Escort service: During the hours of darkness, when the shuttle service is not in operation, the campus police offer an escort service anywhere on campus that provides you with the assurance of safe travel. This service is available seven days a week.
      • Courtesy services: Campus police are available to assist stranded motorists with dead batteries, empty fuel tanks and ignition keys locked inside the car.
  • Dining Services
  • McGrath Health and Wellness Center: Medical Services
    • Contact: 513 745-3022, ML 7611
    • Location: 1714 Cleneay Ave. (next to the Cohen Center parking lot)
  • Recreational Sports
    • Location: O?Connor Sports Center