Occupational and Financial Wellness

Occupational wellness concerns the compatibility of one's innate talents, interests and aspirations to a path of training, employment and career development and satisfaction. This aspect of wellness involves awareness of the wide variety of career opportunities available, exploration of interests, skill areas, values and needs, and how they relate to a career choice; choosing a career direction that reflects one's values, preferences, interests and skills; developing effective job search strategies and skills; and understanding the relationship between one's career choice and the other parts of one's life: family, spouse, leisure activities and friends.

Financial wellness includes the capacity to manage, invest and conserve one's financial resources and interests. This aspect of wellness involves the development of a satisfying ability for self-management, planning and judgment as well as the acquisition of knowledge and information about financial matters. Financial wellness involves the cultivation of the ability to provide for the worldly needs of self and loved ones and contributes to a sense of security, competence and personal credibility.

  • Xavier University:
  • Employee Credit Union, CINCO Financial Group
    • 49 William Howard Taft Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
    • Phone: 513 281-9988
    • Fax: 513 475-5750
  • Employee Financial Planning, Salomon Smith Barney
    • 312 Walnut St., Suite 1700 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
    • Phone: 513 762-5242
    • Terri Newek, Financial Planner
  • Student financial services at Xavier
    • Xavier's All Card center, in conjunction with U.S. Bank, provides special group or individual financial service programs, available to all students. For most students, college brings freedom and new responsibilities. We want to help them get through their first foray into personal finance. U.S. Bank representatives will come to Xavier to facilitate an interactive program, consisting of four modules that are intended to round off the student's basic understanding of financial responsibility. The program is interactive and should uncover any weaknesses the student has in making financial decisions. This program will be tailored to fit your particular time requirements. It was designed to be presented during orientation, student gatherings and as requested by the University. The four modules of the financial wellness seminar include:
      • Banking Basic 101: How to Balance Your Checkbook and Still Have Money Left Over for Pizza?
      • The Budget Zone: Saving for Spring Break Without Breaking the Bank?
      • Got Money?: The Low-Down on Loans, Interest, and Keeping Your Head Above Water?
      • Conquering Credit: The Do's and Don'ts of Keeping Your Credit Squeaky Clean?
    • In addition to the financial wellness seminars that are provided for students, U.S. Bank has employees that are experts in all facets of banking and can educate the employees of Xavier University. U.S. Bank will work to customize seminars that meet the needs of University employees. Examples of available seminars are:
      • First Time Home Buyer's Seminar
      • Retirement Planning and Investment Strategies
      • Long-Term Care Insurance
      • Saving for Your Child's Education
    • Contact the All Card center or contact U.S. Bank for more information.