What is it?

CHOICES is an educational 90-minute group course.  It is an evidenced-based harm reduction intervention that will give students accurate information about alcohol, inform them of their personal risk level for harm and provide multiple coping strategies that will enable them to change their behavior. 

Who should use it?
  • Students with questions and/or concerns about their alcohol use

CHOICES is FREE for voluntary participants. Call 513-745-3531 to enroll.


What is it?

The Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention of College Students (BASICS) is a 2 session program designed to reduce your high-risk alcohol use and minimize the severity and frequency of your drinking-related consequences.  Additionally, BASICS uses a web-based survey (E-Check Up To Go) to provide personal feedback about your drinking habits.

Who should use it?
  • Students struggling with high-risk drinking
  • Students struggling with ongoing alcohol related problems.

BASICS is FREE for voluntary participants.  Call 513-745-3022 to enroll.

Alcohol Skills Training Program

What is it?

The Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) consists of 8 ninety-minute sessions that inform you about alcohol use and additiction and also teaches you important skills for avoiding, resisting and setting limits on your drinking. 

Who should use it?
  • Students who show a severe and ongoing pattern of alcohol use.
  • Third time offenders of the Drug and Alcohol Policy.

ASTD is FREE for voluntary participants. Call 513-745-3531 to enroll.