AOD Vision & Mission

Xavier University will implement a comprehensive alcohol and other drug and violence (AODV) prevention program that directly impacts those within the campus and surrounding communities. The AODV program will be evidenced-based and include prevention, early intervention and treatment services that will adequately decrease the severity and frequency of AODV issues and their interference with student success and well-being.

Xavier University will utilize a coalition of key campus and community stakeholders to identify and manage AODV related environmental risk factors that impede student success, interfere with institutional priorities and increase the university's liability.

AOD Goals

  1. Implement and manage a comprehensive evidence-based AOD prevention strategic plan that will impact Xavier students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and the surrounding community. 
  2. Demonstrate the efficacy of our AOD prevention strategic plan and become a federally funded ?Model Program? through the Department of Education.

AOD Objectives

  1. Decrease the quantity of drug and alcohol related disciplinary infractions.
  2. Decrease the frequency and severity of substance related medical emergencies.
  3. Decrease the frequency of substance related physical and sexual acts of violence.
  4. Decrease the frequency of substance related academic problems.
  5. Maintain compliance with federal and state substance abuse regulations.
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of our AOD strategic plan by instituting annual program evaluation initiatives.