Marijuana abuse assessment

These 10 questions can help you find out if you have an addiction problem with marijuana (pot). If you answered yes to any one of the above questions, you may have a problem with marijuana. You can call the Health & Wellness Center at 745-3022 for a professional assessment.

  1. Has smoking pot stopped being fun?
  2. Do you plan your life around you smoking marijuana?
  3. Do you ever get high by yourself?
  4. Do you worry about how to get more?
  5. Do you smoke pot to help you deal with you feelings?
  6. Have you chosen your friends based on your marijuana use?
  7. Do you smoke marijuana to avoid facing your problems?
  8. Has your use of marijuana caused problems with your memory, concentration, or motivation?
  9. Have you ever not kept promises you made to yourself to cut down or control your pot smoking?
  10. Have your friends or relatives ever complained that your pot smoking is causing problems with your relationship with them?

"Quit Smoking Weed" resource bags available for confidential pick-up at 4:19 PM. Mon-Fri. If you have a minute, stop by McGrath Health and Wellness Center. It just might be the last bag you'll ever need!

Resource Referrals

  • Xavier University McGrath Health & Wellness Center 745-3022 for physician or therapist.
  • Xavier University Psychological Services for therapist 745-3531.
  • Marijuana Anonymous
  • Community Support Groups No Charge within 15 minute walk
    Norwood area: Narcotics Anonymous
    Monday night, 7:30-8:30pm Church of the Nazarene corner of Smith Road and Floral Ave In Basement
    Wednesday night 7:00-8:00pm Salvation Army Rehab Center 2250 Park Ave
    Thursday night 7-8pm Grace Methodist Church 2221 Slane Ave In Basement.