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“Moving Forward” SAS Group

Sexual Assault Survivors Group, led by Jamie Baxter, LPCC-S. This is a closed group. Only women are permitted in the group. Jamie must meet with any potential new members with this group to determine if the group is appropriate for the needs of the student. This is held on a weekly basis. Contact: 513-745-3022.


Self-Compassion Workshop

Learn how to stop being so hard on yourself and handle difficult emotions with greater ease. Led by Dr. Rose Wetterau, this workshop helps you to motivate yourself and interact with others from a place of kindness rather than criticism. This is not group therapy, and you are not asked to share personal stories in this hour-long session.


BETTER YOU Workshop Series

Join us for this 3 part “master-class” and learn the 10 best ways to better manage anxiety.   


Mindful Grief Healing Group

This is a small group, led by Dr. Rose Wetterau, for those students who have experienced loss. Students find support as they move through the stages of grief and begin to accept death and adjust to the loss of someone close to them.


Removing the Mask

“Removing the Mask: A group for students of color looking for community and relief” led by Counseling Trainee Jadyn McQueen. This group will meet (in-person, socially distanced) on a weekly basis – Tuesdays from 4-5 p.m. in the Gallagher Student Center, Clock Tower Lounge.