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The Better You workshops are a series of 3 total workshops that focus on different aspects and affected areas from anxiety. The series offers a total of 10 unique tools that can be utilized to help manage the frequency and duration of anxious experiences. The 3 areas of focus are the anxious mind, the anxious body, and the anxious behavior; based on the book The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques by Margaret Wehrenberg.

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The FLEX group is a short-term, open group that is aimed at first-year attending students at Xavier (freshman or transfer students). The goal is to aid the adjustment and struggles with the transition of attending college for the first time or transferring to a new university. Depending on the needs of those in attendance, goals and objectives may vary from session to session.

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A group for students of color looking for community and relief:

Students of color can experience a variety of difficult situations while attending a predominantly white institution. These can include but aren’t limited to: being victims of micro-aggression and racism, Islamophobia, cyberbullying, encountering culture-related extreme expectations, experiencing isolation and loneliness from the often-vast differences between home culture and environment and that of school. These challenges can make it hard for students of color to transition to college life and may cause distress in a multitude of ways. 

This support group is designed to provide a community to students from the Diaspora. The focus will be on creating connections between group members, self-care, campus resources, and stress management. Throughout the group process, the group will be working on teaching stress management skills and practicing them during sessions. This group is meant to be a safe place for students to practice self-compassion and rest. We will teach different self-care techniques and provide time in sessions to explore barriers to self-care. These actions will be targeted at the following goals:

  1. Feeling less lonely, isolated, or judged 
  2. Reducing distress, depression, anxiety, or fatigue 
  3. Talking openly and honestly about your feelings 
  4. Improving skills to cope with challenges 
  5. Gaining a sense of empowerment, control, or hope 
  6. Learning about health, economic, or social resources

Contact: 513-745-3022

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This group is a safe and supportive environment to assist students in the healing process of sexual trauma.

Contact: 513-745-3022