Health Care Mission Integration

As its name implies, this theology graduate program integrates the goals of Christian spiritual leadership with those of Christian health care providers. Their shared mission—and that of the mission integration program—is to foster and enhance the spirit of love, compassion and service for those living and working within their institutions. Graduates are uniquely equipped with the spiritual understanding and knowledge required of the best leaders for successful and caring Catholic and Christian health care programs.


Projected growth in religion-related fields. (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012)

The Health Care Mission Integration Program

real-world learning
Expert Experience

Students learn in a challenging educational environment from experts in the fields of theology and health services administration, including required field experiences through internships and professional seminars.

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Best of Both

Students complete 36 semester hours of course work plus their internship: 21 hours of theology courses and 15 hours of health services courses.

Highlights of the program

  • Grounded in the Catholic tradition
  • Small evening classes
  • Convenient course schedule for part-time students
  • Begin courses in the summer, fall, or spring


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