Visitor Policy

The GSC is the living room of Xavier's campus designed to enhance interaction and collaboration between students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests in order to build community. The building was funded through a challenge grant sponsored by Charles P. Gallagher ('60).

For the safety of the Xavier community and our guests please observe the following building regulations:

  • Use of the facility is for Xavier students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni and their guests.
  • All visitors of the Gallagher Student Center agree to abide by the lawful directions given to them by Campus Police or GSC staff.
  • Children under 16 years of age are not permitted in the Gallagher Student Center without adult supervision.
  • No firearms or weapons of any kind are permitted inside the Gallagher Student Center.
  • Signs or banners may be displayed only with prior approval from the Gallagher Student Center Office.
  • Only service animals are permitted in the building, no pets.
  • All Xavier facilities including the Gallagher Student Center are smoke/tobacco free facilities.

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When planning or attending an event at the Gallagher Student Center all guests must park in accordance to university parking policies available at Xavier Campus Police. Visitor passes may be obtained at Auxiliary Services in the Musketeer Mezzanine or visit Xavier Police Headquarters after hours at Flynn Hall, 1648 Herald Ave. Designated visitor parking spaces are located behind the Gallagher Student Center.

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After Hours

In order to safeguard the GSC facility and protect the campus community and its guests the GSC has an after hours policy to clarify who is permitted to have access to the building when it is closed.

Use of the GSC when it is closed can be approved for special circumstances for student groups or campus personnel only and must be approved by the Director of the Gallagher Student Center. When this use has been approved, the Director of the GSC will notify Campus Police and the building will remain closed to the public. Only the group with permission is allowed to be in the building during the approved time. If a student group is approved to be in the building when it is closed the group's advisor or a Xavier staff member must be present at all times and make sure all members of the group vacate the building once the activity is over. Campus Police will do a walk through of the building after the group has left.

If a Xavier group wishes to have the building open for a public use (for example a production in the theater) outside its normal hours of operation, a request in writing must be submitted to the Director of the GSC. If the request is approved the GSC Welcome Desk will be staffed and the building kept open during the extended hours of operation and Campus Police will be notified.

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Office Access

The Gallagher Student Center distributes keys to its building tenants giving them access to their respective office spaces. If something would happen and a tenant is locked out of their office, the following should serve as protocol:

During Business Hours - if an office tenant is locked out of his or her individual office or office suite he or she should contact the GSC office staff. They will unlock the door for the requestor.

After Business Hours - to maintain the greatest level of security, the custodial and Welcome Desk staff are not authorized to give anyone access to a locked office.

If an office tenant is locked out of their office he/she should do the following:

The person needing access must approach the Welcome Desk attendant and inform him/her of the situation. The Welcome Desk attendant will ask the individual for their name and reason for needing access to the office and then call Campus Police. Campus Police will respond to the GSC and let the individual into the office.

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Inclement Weather Hours of Operation

In order to safeguard the GSC facility and provide reasonably uninterrupted service to the Xavier community this policy will be followed when University services are challenged due to inclement weather during the academic year.

  1. If the University closes due to inclement weather during a holiday the GSC will close.
  2. If classes are cancelled and the University remains open, or if the University is closes:
  • The GSC will remain open and Welcome Desk staff will report to work as per schedule. If a Welcome Desk worker lives off-campus (non-university housing), a substitute will be found for his/her work shift.
  • Retail outlets located within the GSC will remain open, circumstances permitting.
  • If weather conditions are so severe as to make conditions in the GSC unsafe a decision to close the building with be determined by GSC staff in consultation with Campus Police. If a decision is made to close the building an announcement will be made on the portal and within the GSC.

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Fire Alarm or Emergency Evacuation Procedure

In the event of a fire alarm or emergency, all people in the GSC are asked to evacuate the building in an immediate and orderly fashion using any one of the marked exits in the building. Please remain outside of the building until Campus Police or GSC staff has said that it is safe for your return.

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GSC Facility Reservations

The Gallagher Student Center has a variety of meeting and event space available by request for campus offices, recognized student organizations and external groups. Space is reserved on a first come first serve basis. As members of the Xavier community, recognized student clubs and organizations, faculty/staff/administrators are not charged a room rental fee. External groups are charged room rental fees based on the requested space and time as well as possible equipment costs. Reservations can be made by contacting the Gallagher Student Center Office Secretary at 513-745-3205, by visiting the office located behind the Welcome Desk, or through our on-line web reservation system .

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Liberty System

The Liberty System is an easy to use and portable sound system available for student clubs to use for events and programs. To reserve the system follow the GSC Facility Reservations procedure above. There is a $5 rental fee for the Liberty System--payment is due when the reservation is placed.

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Table Solicitation

University departments and recognized student clubs and organizations may reserve a table at the first floor main entrance of the GSC to promote events and programs or conduct fundraisers. Reservation requests for a table can be made by visiting or calling the GSC office secretary (x3205). Please note:

  • permission to reserve a table to conduct a fundraiser must first be obtained from the Office of Student Involvement.
  • due to fire code restrictions, a maximum of three tables can be setup at the main entrance.

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Wireless Laptop Service

Laptops are available for check out at the Welcome Desk to current Xavier students for use in the Gallagher Student Center's wireless environment. Laptops may be used up to four hours each time they are checked out and may not be taken out of the GSC. The wireless environment will also work for students who have personal laptops once they have been reconfigured with Xavier's ITS department.

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Lost and Found Service

Lost and found service is provided at the Welcome Desk of the GSC for items lost in the building or left on the campus shuttles. Items will be kept at the Welcome Desk for one academic semester. Unclaimed items left at the Welcome Desk for one semester are turned over to charitable organizations.

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Locker Service

The Gallagher Student Center provides lockers (at minimum cost) to students for temporary storage of their belongings. The lockers, located on the 1st floor next to the Fireplace Lounge and are available on a first come first serve basis. Though they are located in the building, neither the Gallagher Student Center nor its employees are responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged locker contents.

The Gallagher Student Center has the right to open a locker for the purpose of repair, maintenance, or to inspect contents in case of an emergency. Lockers will be maintained and cleaned by the Gallagher Student Center. If you have a concern about a locker or a lost key, please contact the Gallagher Student Center Welcome Desk.

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Vending Machines

Vending machines (ice cream, soft drink and snack) are located with the lockers on the first floor of the GSC next to the fireplace lounge.

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Copier Machine

A copier available for community use is located on the first floor of the GSC in the comupter kiosk area.

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Event/Information Posting Service

Student organizations and campus offices have priority for posting flyers and information in the Gallagher Student Center. Organizations and offices interested in posting in the building must ensure the following guidelines are met:

  1. The name of the sponsoring club, organization, or department must be on each posting.
  2. Postings may not display any offensive language or pictures.
  3. Postings may not mention alcohol in their information.
  4. In order to allow space for multiple posting, flyers / posters may not exceed 11" x 17" in size.
  5. All flyers, posters and banners must be approved and will be hung by the GSC Welcome Desk.
  6. Chalking brick immediately outside the GSC with event information is prohibited.


  1. Flyer / poster content must be in accordance with the above stated content guidelines.
  2. Flyers / Posters may be posted two weeks prior to the scheduled event start.
  3. The Welcome Desk (first floor atrium of the GSC) will accept two flyers / posters to display, one at each of these locations:
    • bulletin board located next to the Welcome Desk.
    • bulletin board located next to the lower level entrance to the GSC.
  4. Each flyer / poster must be date stamped by the Welcome Desk.
  5. The Welcome Desk will hang flyers / posters daily and maintain the bulletin boards listed above.
  6. Flyers / posters found improperly displayed in the building or without proper approval will be removed.
  7. The GSC is not responsible for damaged or removed postings that have been approved.

Atrium Banner

  1. Banner content must be in accordance with the above stated content guidelines.
  2. Banners can only be hung from the railing of the first floor atrium (one per event) and must be horizontal (fire code restrictions) and approximately 40" H x 78" W.
  3. Banners must promote an event or program (no general announcements) sponsored by recognized student clubs or organizations.
  4. Banners must be brought to the Welcome Desk for placement and can be posted for up to two weeks prior to the event. When space is limited, preference will be given to programs/events happening in the Gallagher Student Center.
  5. The GSC is not responsible for damaged or removed banners not meeting the guidelines above.

Table Tent Procedure

  1. Table tent content must be in accordance with the above stated content guidelines.
  2. Table tent advertising may be placed on tables two weeks prior to event.
  3. Table tent advertising must advertise a university event sponsored by student clubs, organizations, or campus departments.
  4. Table tent advertising may be distributed (one per table, approximately forty for the building) by sponsoring club, organization, or department.
  5. The GSC is not responsible for damaged or removed postings not meeting the guidelines above.

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Student organizations, campus offices, and external users are not allowed to tape or affix decorations to any wall, railing, surface, or furniture in the Gallagher Student Center unless approved by the GSC office. Open flames of any kind are a violation of fire code. If the reserving/ responsible party is interested in decorating for an event or program, please meet with GSC Office staff to ensure your event will be safe for all guests and building users.

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Catering (food/drinks) for events and programs held in the GSC

Xavier's Campus Dining Services does not have an exclusive contract for catering within the Gallagher Student Center. For events held within the GSC, recognized Xavier community groups (faculty, staff, administrators, and student clubs and organizations) may do the following if they wish to provide refreshments for their guests:

  • bring refreshments in themselves, (i.e. pizza, sub sandwiches, Kroger food trays)
  • contract with Xavier's Campus Dining Services (745-3717).

However, there are some limitations:

  • Xavier groups may not borrow any items from Campus Dining Services (ice, burners, linen, napkins, cups, utensils, etc.) if they bring in their own refreshments for an event.
  • If alcohol is to be served at an event, both food and beverages must be contracted through Xavier's Campus Dining Services to comply with liquor license requirements.
  • If a group conducts an event in Ryan's Pub food may not be brought in. It must be ordered through Ryan's Pub.
  • All groups are responsible for throwing away trash and cleaning up their area when their program is over.

Xavier's Campus Dining Services has many unique ways to reduce catering costs for the Xavier community. If you would like to have them cater your next event in the GSC, please feel free to contact them at 513-745-3717.

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The Gallagher Student Center Theater (GSCT) is managed by the Department of Music and Theatre. Its facilities, equipment and technical services exist as a resource for use by the entire Xavier University community administration, faculty, staff, students, alumni, official University organizations and the Greater Cincinnati community. The governing principle in the use of the GSCT and its facilities is that the Theater and support areas are primarily for the use of the Department of Music and Theatre. The exception would be whenever its unique theatrical equipment is necessary to the success of the event or function and the event does not interfere with previously scheduled performances or rehearsals. If you are interested in reserving the theater, contact the Technical Director at 513-745-3613 for inquiries and theater rental policies and prices.


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