Water Bottle Fillers
The Gallagher Student Center now features a water bottle refill station on every floor (located above the water fountains near the restrooms). Filling a bottle with clean, great-tasting tap water costs about $0.002 per gallon (though it's free for you!), while buying bottled water costs between $0.89 and $8.26 per gallon.  That's 445 times more expensive. Tap water is also free of the many chemicals that can leach into water that has been stored in plastic bottles, including arsenic and other toxins that have been linked to reproductive issues and cancer.
Around 50,000,000,000 (50 billion) water bottles are consumed each year.  That's 1500 bottles a second. 83% of those bottles end up in landfills where no matter what kind of plastic they are made of, they will never biodegrade. More than 17,000,000 (17 million) gallons of oil are used each year to produce plastic water bottles, enough to fuel over one million vehicles. Americans alone are responsible for the consumption of 60,000,000 (60 million) plastic water bottles each year.

Be a part of the solution!  Reuse your water bottle and fill up at the water refill stations in the GSC and other locations around campus!

Other Locations on campus for water bottle refillers include:

  • 3rd floor of the library next to the restrooms
  • Husman residence hall next to the RA desk on the first floor
  • Every floor of Alter Hall next to the restrooms