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There are hundreds of recycling locations on Xavier's campus. Whether you're in the buildings or walking outside, there is always a recycling bin close by. Our goal is to match every trash bin with a recycling bin and we are well on our way to achieving this with over fifty recycling cans outdoors alone. In fact, Physical Plant fills four recycling bins for every one trash bin!  Paper, bottle, and can recycling bins are located in the hallways of every building, residence and academic.  Offices that need a recycling bin, can request one from Physical Plant at 513-745-3151

Additionally, there is a donation box for the St. Vincent de Paul Society, located behind Kuhlman Hall near the C-1 parking lot. This is a year-round as an opportunity to have gently used items reused by those in need rather than throw them away.

In the Fall of 2023, a recycling audit was done across campus, resulting in a Recycling Report and Recommendations.

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What Items are Acceptable to Place in Recycling Bins on Campus?

Knowing what can and cannot be accepted for recycling in the bins on campus takes a bit of effort.  You cannot just assume anything made of paper, metal, glass, and plastic is acceptable for recycling by Rumpke.  The items they can recycle are specific and may change over time so it’s important to keep up with the current list of acceptable items.  Consult the graphic below for the current list and here for more details.  Remember, all items should be empty and rinsed out.  

Rumpke recycling acceptable items

What is "Wishcycling" and Should I Do It?

Wishcycling is when you place something you hope is acceptable in a recycling bin, but it isn’t.  While done with good intentions, “wishcyclingshould be avoided.  The contents of recycling bins that are contaminated with unacceptable items will be thrown in the trash; waste management professionals do not have the capacity to sort through and pick out the acceptable recyclables.  Many items that people “wishcycle” can cause major problems for Rumpke facilities.  Plastic bags, for example, can get tangled in the machinery and cause breakdowns.  Batteries can cause fires.  Always consult the acceptable items list before recycling something you’re unsure about, and if you’re still in doubt, throw it out.  

XU Office Swap

In addition to recycling, Xavier has instituted an office supply reuse program

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