John Schulte

Sustainability Committee Co-Chair
Executive Director for Physical Plant



Nancy Bertaux 

Sustainability Committee Co-Chair
Economics Professor



Mark HanlonMr. Mark Hanlon

Director, Utilities & Energy --Physical Plant




Cheryl McElroy

Assistant Director, Grant Services


Mollie McIntosh

Assistant Professor, Biology



Mary Lisa Vertuca 

Early Childhood Education Cohort Director, Education




Margaret Groeschen 

Campus Liaison Librarian, McDonald Library


Michael Shaw

Associate Creative Director, Marketing & Communications



David Lococo

Facility Assessment Analyst, Physical Plant

Facility Assessment Analyst, Sustainability




Greg Mellor 

Assistant Director, Faith & Ministry - Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice



Brad Rolfes

Administrative Assistant II, Sustainability Academic Programs


Committee Emeriti:

Becky Luce

Assistant Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship

Izola White 

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs,

Office of the Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Heather Kilgore

TRiO, Student Support Services

Sustainability Committee Meeting Fall 2016