Metro Bus
More than 80,000 people ride Metro every day to get to work, school, shopping and more.
Metro riders reduce carbon emissions by over 4,800 pounds per year as compared to driving a car. Across the country, public transportation saves 4,200,000,000 (4.2 billion) gallons of gasoline every year. Riding the bus improves air quality by decreasing the emission of harmful pollutants caused by traffic congestion and idling.
Metro uses rain water to wash their buses, many of which are hybrid buses that save over 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel each per year. They recycle and reuse motor fluids including antifreeze, refrigerant and power steering fluids.
The two Metro bus routes that best serve the Xavier area are Route 4 and Route 51 (click links for maps). The routes have stops right next to Xavier's campus on both Dana Ave and Montgomery Rd and travel to anywhere you could want to go, including downtown Cincinnati, Kenwood, and the University of Cincinnati. Fare each way is only $1.75 within Zone 1 (everywhere within the city of Cincinnati) and costs only a little more to go to nearby counties.
Never Been on a Bus Before?
Nervous about your trip? Ease your worries by checking out Metro's straight forward guide on how to ride the bus:
Bike & Ride
You can attach your bike to the bike rack on the front of the bus whenever you ride Metro! Find out how to do so securely here: