Bike XU

Become a part of Xavier’s growing bike culture by renting a bicycle from Bike XU today! Are you living on campus without a car? Are you tired of wasting money on gas? Do you want to avoid the overcrowded parking lots? For only $10, you could have a bike for the entire semester and solve all of these problems!


Why Drive When You Can Bike?

If you take a car, you’re really on driving half-way. You park in one of the lots – probably C-2 or the R-lots – and have to walk the rest of the way. Bikes get the best parking, right outside your classroom door – and there’s always an empty spot!


How it Works:

1. Email and say “I want a bike!”

2. Pay a one-time $10 rental fee

3. Pick up your bike

4. Save time, money, and the environment!

5. Return the bike at the end of the semester*
*Riders who return damaged bikes will have a fine charged to their bursar account.


Bikes are rented out on a first come, first serve basis so make sure you get yours today!

Don’t forget to fill up
your reusable water
bottle at the
water refill stations
in the GSC
                                           Sponsored by the Women of Excellence.