Energy Kiosks
There are two energy kiosks on Xavier's campus, one in Conaton Learning Commons and the other in Smith Hall. The energy kiosks allow you to see how much energy, water and other utilities are being used right now in Conaton, Smith, Fenwick and the Central Utility Plant. The kiosks can display comparisons of the current utility usage to that of the past few hours or days. Peak times and down times are often very apparent and typically have simple explanation. For example, water usage may be higher at night due to night time irrigation while energy usage might be lower at night due to the closure of buildings.
How do I use this kiosk?
Touch Explore at the bottom of the screen. Then select Live Data (the icon looks like a pie chart). In the top right corner, choose which building you would like to see data for. Beneath the building names, there should be options labeled Water, btu, etc. Choose one and the data should appear.