Center for Faith and Justice (CFJ)

Xavier's Center for Faith and Justice (CFJ) is a driving force behind student engagement in sustainability on-campus. The CFJ sponsors both the NEXUS Community Garden as well as the Sustainability Club, which allows students to take an active role in developing sustainable practices on-campus. The CFJ is heavily involved with the social/community ring of sustainability, offering a wide variety of programs that allow students to interact with and serve their community.

Animals, People and the Earth at Xavier(APEX) is sponsored by the CFJ and aims to educate Xavier's community about animal rights and their environmental impact.

The CFJ offers Summer Service Internships that involve the opportunity for community-living, service, and reflection all in one summer-long program. One of the Sustainability Interns, Elle Ross, has participated in this program, working at the Civic Community Garden, a partner of the NEXUS Community Garden.

Other CFJ programs that exemplify the community aspect of sustainability are Voices for Solidarity, Students for Economic Justice and Unified for Unifat.

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