Strategies for Success in Sponsored Research

Conducted by Dr. Robert Porter

In addition to writing skills, grantseekers must focus on the relational issues that are key to success. This workshop features three interactive modules:

  • Got a Match? Assuring your proposal is a good fit with a given grant program is a critical first step. This small group exercise will focus on an actual grant program, and participants will assess whether a specific research idea matches what the sponsor wants to fund.  
  • Can We Talk? Contacting Grant Program Officers. Experienced grant writers know that communicating with the sponsor agency prior to writing the proposal  is a critical first step. This session will provide tips for planning and conducting a productive dialogue with a grant program officer.
  • Proposal Evaluation: Grant Reviewer Exercise. In this session, participants will act as a mock review panel, reading and evaluating a sample grant proposal. The intent is to help grant writers understand what reviewers are looking for and how meet to those expectations.

Videos of Workshop:  Part 1 and Part 2