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If you are a faculty or staff member interested in pursuing external grant funding, please contact Cheryl McElroy (mcelroyc@xavier.edu), or Shari Howell (howells3@xavier.edu). They are available to help conduct searches for funding opportunities as well as to work with you to get a proposal submitted according to funders' guidelines. Cheryl and Shari also oversee the management of grant awards after funding has been received.

Please note: If you are a faculty or staff member interested in internal funding awards such as Wheeler Awards, Faculty Development Leaves, or Summer Fellowships, please contact Izola White at ext. 4286 or email her at whitei@xavier.edu.


Grants Services Team

Please see below for descriptions of the entire Grant Services team.

Mary K. Kochlefl, Ph.D.
Executive Director for Academic Organizational Development and Online Learning, Grant Services
316 Conaton Learning Commons, ML 1110
Phone: 745-4279; Fax 745-4267
Email: kochlefl@xavier.edu

Cheryl McElroy
Senior Grant Services Officer 
315 Conaton Learning Commons, ML 1110
Phone: 745-1909; Fax: 745-4267
E-Mail:  mcelroyc@xavier.edu

Shari Howell
Grant Services Officer
315 Conaton Learning Commons, ML 1110
Phone: 745-1904; Fax: 745-4267
E-Mail: howells3@xavier.edu

Steven Herbert, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Graduate School
103 Schmidt Hall; ML 4542
Phone: 745-3293; Fax: 745-3341
E-Mail: herbert@xavier.edu
Considers alignment between external grant projects and the overall mission and vision of the proposing unit(s) and the Academic Affairs Division.  Helps identify and secure necessary resources for external grants.  Communicates academic priorities for potential external grant funding.

Rick Lopez
Senior Accountant
102 Schmidt Hall; ML 4531
Phone: 745-4837; Fax: 745-1093
E-Mail: lopezr3@xavier.edu
Assists in reviewing proposed budgets and with grant award management, including account management, compliance, and financial reporting.