The Executive Board consists of five officers-- President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Social Events Chair. Each officer must be a graduate student in good academic standing and able to serve the full term of their appointment (one academic year). During their term, officer duties include:
President: The President is the executive officer and she/he acts as the spokesperson to the administration of the University. Coordinates and oversees all other officers' activities. Acts as a liaison between the University Community and GSA. Reports to the executive board and the GSA body. Responsible for overseeing all day-to-day financial transactions and cosigning on transactions. The President is also responsible for developing a budget at the beginning of each school year with the Executive Board.
Vice-President: The Vice-President fills in for the President whenever needed, confers with the President on all matters that involve the Graduate School and the University administration including serving as the liaison between the GSA and all graduate students, serving on university councils or committees. Presides over GSA meetings and fulfill presidential duties in the event of the president's absence. Advocates and responds to the needs of all graduate students.
Secretary: The Secretary will maintain a current membership and committee list and keep the minutes of the meetings. Gathers all information from outside sources and distribute to pertinent board members. Responsible for all clerical work (typing letters, copies, coordinate mailings, etc.), as well as composing and submitting press releases.
Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for conducting all day-to-day financial transactions, including keeping detailed records of these transactions and reporting the financial state of the GSA to the executive board and the general body. Responsible for developing a budget at the beginning of each school year with the Executive Board.
Social Events Chair: The Social Events Chair is responsible for all major social and community events, including our flagship event called the "GSA Charity Ball." He/she oversees all GSA programming and is responsible for managing a Social Events Committee. This position focuses on internal relations and builds membership engagement throughout the academic year.