Citizens for Global Solutions

Posted Monday, January 31, 2011

I want to expand the notion of We in We the People to the whole human family.  We share Earth Planet in common, the sky, the water, the soil, minerals, plants, animals, energy resources like the sun, the wind.  Let us find a way to be partners with the Earth in a sustainable way, Cradle to Cradle.


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Peace with Justice in the Holy Land-START TREATY

Posted Thursday, September 02, 2010

On the front page of the New York Times Sept. 2 are the pictures of five men.  I think the people in the Holy Land should have had the exercise of their natural right to self-determination when the Ottoman empire dissolved; certainly in 1948; most certainly now.  My difficulty with those five men including Abbas and President Obama is that none of the five really represent the Palestinians.

A proposal for peace following international law should be presented to all those living in the Holy Land including all refugees,and they should be able to freely vote for what they want following basic human rights and international law. This proposal should be decided on by the United Nations according to their charter.

I would hope that one of the options would be one democratic nation with liberty and justice for all.  Two viable states could be another option.

Each US citizen should press that all the people living in the Holy Land including all refugees have the exercise of their natural human right of self-determination.


Concerning the START TREATY on reduction of nuclear weapons by Russia and the US by one-third, I favor ratification for many reasons, but only as a first step toward total elimination of weapons of mass destruction and establishment of a democratic world federation.



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